Capcom released a new story trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations today in Japan. It starts off by showing the events of the Terragrigia incident that took place prior to Revelations, and then cuts to the present-day story (with a few spoilers):



Terragrigia was an island city that was attacked by a terrorist organization named Veltro. The Federal Bioterrorism Commission sent two agents, Parker and Jessica, to deal with the situation. While Veltro were defeated, Terragrigia itself was declared a biohazard site and was evacuated.


In the present, Chris and Jessica — who now appears to be a BSAA agent — are sent to investigate the Queen Zenobia, a cruise liner that frequented Terragrigia, after it’s hijacked by Veltro, who threaten to pollute the world’s oceans with the T-Abyss virus. The two go missing, and the BSAA then dispatch Jill and Parker to investigate.


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