This past Monday, we reported that Michelle Ruff is playing the role of Katherine McBride, the steady girlfriend of protagonist, Vincent, in Atlus’ upcoming horror-cum-puzzle adventure, Catherine. Ms. Ruff joins Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, rounding out the game’s main cast of Katherine, Vincent and Catherine.


Speaking with Siliconera, Ms. Ruff revealed that manual lip-syncing of the animation appears to be part of Catherine’s localization into English from the original Japanese dub, which is rather significant, given that the game emphasizes believable character interaction and drama.


“I had to match basic timing on scenes but my Katherine’s mouth was being animated to my performance in some of those scenes,” Ms. Ruff revealed to us. “In some of them, she was animated already and I had to sync my performance.”


Atlus have Catherine planned for release sometime this summer on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the mean time, we’ll have more of our communication with Ms. Ruff to share in the near future.


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