Cave Interview Dodonpachi Resurrection iPhone Composers



Cave’s ever-popular fan-conduit, Masa KING, is back with more treats for fans of the house that bullet-hell built.


In two recent updates to the Cave blog, Masa KING interviews Kenichi Maeyamada, who composed music for Dodonpachi Resurrection’s iPhone mode and Shoichiro Hirata, who headed up the iPhone Arrange background music for the game.


Maeyamada has worked with Cave before, although in a non-game capacity. He composed music for CAVE no Uta Black Label, which is a special collection of Cave music put together by Masa KING.


Despite being one of Japan’s more in-demand composers, composing for Dodonpachi Resurrection on iPhone was his first videogame composition project ever, which Masa feels led to some interesting results. He recommends listening to the Stage 4 track in particular.


Incidentally, Shoichiro Hirata is one of the composers Maeyamada looks up to most. He, too, was involved with the CAVE no Uta Black Label project, and for his work on Dodonpachi Resurrection primarily involved remixing Maeyamada’s music.


Hirata’s approach to Dodonpachi’s arranged music was conveying a vibe of “overdoing it,” or a sense of “too much” as he likes to put it. To keep himself pumped while remixing tracks for the game, he bought a digital photo frame and had a thousand (seriously) pictures of gravure idols on rotation while he worked.


Oh, and the video above, in case you’re wondering, shows how to access a hidden route in Dodonpachi Resurrection for the iPhone.

Ishaan Sahdev
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