A few months ago, a follower on Twitter asked Cave whether they had any plans to release their games on the PC. At the time, their response was: “We are considering new platforms at the moment, but PC is not one of them. Sorry.”


Then, late last year, we had an opportunity to interview Cave development manager, Makoto Asada, and asked about potential PC releases of Cave games ourselves.


Asada told us: “It’s something we thought about before. We have development lines at Cave and I have to put emphasis on development for console so we put this on pause. The PC market is strong and there is a lot of support so this is something I want to keep in consideration.”


He added, however: “Perhaps, before we develop for PC we will move to the PS3 or another console other than the Xbox 360.”


Today, another Twitter follower tweeted to Cave: “The world needs PC versions of your games. I would love to see stuff like DoDonPachi and Ketsui on Steam.”


Cave’s reply: “Thank you for you update. Imagining Cave shooters on a PC monitor…. Hope we can make this happen in the future!”


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