Char Bath Bombs Come With Waterproof Bromides

Char bath bombs

The latest addition to the ever-growing list of Char-specific merchandise is a Mobile Suit Gundam Char bath bomb. Each contains a Char bromide, a thin plastic plate, and there is a total of 21 variations. The bath bombs will become available from December 13, 2021, and will cost 330 JPY per bomb. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Since they are Char’s bath bombs, they are, of course, red. As the bromides are waterproof, you can use them to decorate your bathroom if you so wish. The bromides are split between “Quote Version” and “Mobile Suit Version.” The “Mobile Suit Version” bromides depict Char’s battle scenes from the anime.

The “Quote Version” of the bath bomb bromides take some of Char’s iconic lines and twist them to suit the modern era. As an example, there is one where he says, “The person I am right now cannot convince the client…Lalah…Guide me…” Similar to a blind box, you cannot choose which bromide you get. This means that you will require luck or multiple purchases if you are interested in a particular one.

Other intellectual properties that Bandai created bromide bath bombs for include Demon Slayer and Twisted Wonderland. Bandai does not appear to offer online orders of the bath bombs, which means that you may need to use proxy services in order to obtain them internationally. Other Char merchandise Bandai released in the past include a duvet cover set and candy cigarettes.

The Char bath bombs and bromides will become available from December 13, 2021.

Stephanie Liu
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