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Get a First Look at the Monster Hunter Rise Character Creator

Monster Hunter Rise Character Creator Palamute Palico

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account shared a short video showcasing the character creator. This clip includes a brief look at how your Palico and Palamute can be customized. As expected, the general character creator is a bit more robust compared to past handheld titles.

The character creator will allow for even more fine tweaking of your character’s face. In the video, you can see that players will be able to change just about everything. They will have more control over features like the nose, lips, mouth, and eyes. In previous handheld entries, players were only able to select from a handful of presets. This character creator is more in line with the one seen in Monster Hunter World.

You can watch the Monster Hunter Rise character creator demonstration video below.

The rest of the video’s time is spent to showing how players can customize the Palico and Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise. Players will be able to change the coat, eyes, tail, ears, and clothing of the Palamute. The video showcases each of these options briefly, though it does a good job of detailing how the color sliders will work for the Hunter’s best friend. And finally, the video shows off the customization options for the Palico.

This video’s release follows the previously announced plan that will see new videos appearing on the official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter and Japanese website every Tuesday and Thursday.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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