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Character Profiles For Darunia, Ruto And Sheik In Hyrule Warriors


Character profiles for Hyrule Warriors’ Darunia, Ruto and Sheik have been shared via Nintendo of America’s Wii U Facebook page. There isn’t really much story info to be found here, but you can read their bios below nevertheless.



Darunia is an extremely powerful force, even within his tribe. And just like all Gorons, his rock-like body makes him tough to mess with.


While he can sometimes be very stubborn, he does so out of love for his Goron brothers. In fact, referring to anyone as “brother” is a sign of the deepest affection a Goron can give.


Darunia swings around his giant hammer like it weighs nothing at all (though some of them can weigh as much as a ton!). He also enjoys scattering enemies will a Goron specialty: the roll n’ charge!



A bit of a tom boy, Ruto is the princess of the Zoras. As with all Zoras of the Era of the Hero of Time, her home is located in Zora’s Domain, a small village at the end of Zora’s River that feeds into Lake Hylia.


She may come off as a snooty, spoiled brat, and she is, but Ruto is also quite refined and dedicated to her cause. She does what she has to in order to protect those she loves most, and that certainly includes her future husband, Link (it’s complicated).


Water is Ruto’s specialty, and she uses it to great effect in battle by summoning giant waves that crash into enemies as well as creating bubbles of water that she can swim through.



An individual of questionable origin, Sheik is revealed to Link and Impa during a time of great need. Introduced as a Sheikah, Sheik is ready and able to assist Hyrule’s efforts, even if Impa is highly skeptical.


Though quiet and betraying very little emotion, Sheik never the less finds ways to make a lasting impact on fellow warriors with a very distinct way with words.


Kunai strapped to Sheik’s legs allow for quick mobility and deadly ranged attacks when faced with enemies.


Plus, a harp feels right at home between Sheik’s fingers, allowing the youth to play devastating harmonies to shock, burn, or banish enemies to darkness.



Gohma is a legacy Zelda enemy known for its one large eye and spider-like appearance.


The eye may be its weakness, but Gohma isn’t about to leave it vulnerable, protecting itself with tough armor when not shooting lasers at anyone that bothers it. For something so large and armored, it’s surprisingly quick and nimble, able to leap high into the air and stomp back down on unsuspecting warriors.


Gohma is content to fire lasers at enemies from a distance, but can also get in close and personal with deadly claws and painful acid. Approach with extreme caution!


Hyrule Warriors will be released in North America on September 26th and in Europe on September 19th. A Nintendo Direct presentation for the game will be streamed early next week.

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