In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you’ll be able to craft the usual armour sets that you usually can from different monster parts, but in addition to those, there are also “Relic” armour sets, which can be acquired, through one of the game’s new features. Over on Capcom Unity, Capcom have shared images of some of the Rathalos and Rathian Relic armour that you’ll find in the game.


Rathian Blademaster Relic armour

Rathian Gunner Relic armour

Rathalos Blademaster Relic armour

Rathalos Gunner Relic armour



In the same blog post on Capcom Unity, you can also check out some of the weapons you’ll be able to craft, using Rathian and Rathalos parts, as well as some older armour sets that are back in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


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