Chibi Sora and Kairi Kingdom Hearts Plush Dolls Are on the Way


Square Enix is planning to release a new series of Kingdom Hearts plush dolls, starting with Sora and Kairi. The dolls are scheduled to be released on August 22, 2020 and are currently up for preorder at the Square Enix eStore in Japan. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Square’s plush dolls will have a super-deformed character designs and will be based on Sora and Kairi’s Kingdom Hearts III looks. Both will feature soft, plush hair styles, simplified outfits, and embroidered eyes. Kairi’s eyes will include rounded eyelashes. Sora and Kairi’s are designed to match that of the actual characters’ height difference. Sora will be 190mm, or roughly 7.5 inches, and Kairi will be a shorter 175mm, or roughly 6.9 inches tall. However, unlike Square Enix’s 2B and 9S Nier: Automata action dolls, these won’t be posable.

Here’s a look at the dolls:

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts plush Sora and Kairi will retail for ¥3,800 (~$35.70) and be released on August 22, 2020. It is unknown if they will be released worldwide.

Mercedez Clewis
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