A number of new screenshots for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are available via the games’ official website. They cover the two legendaries in the game—Kyogre and Groudon, along with their Primal forms—and aspects of the games’ story and characters as well.


Primal Groudon:

With an Ability that can control the weather and a high Attack and Defense, the powerful Pokémon Groudon obtains even greater power upon Primal Reversion. When Groudon undergoes Primal Reversion, it becomes Primal Groudon.


Through Primal Reversion, Groudon’s powerful Attack grows even greater. It also gains the Fire type, raising the power of the Fire-type moves it can learn. And it appears that its Ability might get a boost!



Primal Kyogre:

The powerful Pokémon Kyogre obtains even greater power upon Primal Reversion. The energy that fills its body spills forth as seawater. Its body composition becomes nearly a match for seawater, and its blue skin glows like a sapphire.


With Primal Reversion, Primal Kyogre’s powerful Sp. Atk will grow even greater! Plus, look forward to more details about Primal Kyogre’s Ability, a power hidden within this awesome Pokémon.




Next up are screenshots from various story scenes throughout the games.


Ruby and Sapphire.


Steven pondering the mysteries of Mega Evolution.


May, Brendan and Little Root Town:




Team Magma in Pokémon Omega Ruby:



Team Aqua in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire:



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