Code Geass: Lost Stories Announced As A New Social Game



A new Code Geas game project was recently teased and it’s been offically announced as a social game called Code Gears: Lost Stories, and more information will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show next week.


The official website for Code Geass: Lost Stories has launched with a message saying that more will be revealed during a stage event at the TGS 2018 DMM Games booth on September 23, 2018 at 3:00pm JST.


The stage event will feature Kallen Stadtfeld’s voice actress Ami Koshimizu as well as C.C.’s voice actress Yukana and cosplayer Enako to share several new announcements for the game.


Below is a look at the announcement trailer that was shown in Akihabara during the “Digital Vision Jack” [Thanks, DualShockers]:


The game was announced as a social game by DMM Games, who are mostly known for browser and smartphone games, so there’s a good chance it’ll be for those platforms.


Code Geass: Lost Stories’ platform(s) has yet to be announced.

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