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Code Geass: Lost Stories Announced As A New Social Game

By Sato . September 17, 2018 . 1:00am

A new Code Geas game project was recently teased and it’s been offically announced as a social game called Code Gears: Lost Stories, and more information will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show next week.

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A Code Geass Game Project Is In The Works, Set To Be Revealed On September 16

By Sato . September 14, 2018 . 1:30am

Lelouch seens to be up to something, as work on a brand-new Code Geass game project has begun, and we’re getting a “Akihabara Area Digital Vision Jack” for its reveal on September 16.

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Cosplay As Code Geass Characters In Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . November 2, 2010 . 12:16am

Asbel trades his white disco outfit for Suzaku’s Knights of the Round costume.

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Code Geass games adventuring to Sony consoles in March

By Spencer . January 10, 2008 . 10:34am

There are plenty of genres Namco Bandai could toy with for a Code Geass game their design approach where you can choose to side with Lelouch or the Holy Empire of Britannia is a good twist on the license. Oh, but you’re not going to be battling the King of Britannia. You’re going to be […]