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Code: HARDCORE Introduces The Protagonist’s Best Friend And Several Large Enemy Mecha


code hardcore

Code: HARDCORE received a new Kickstarter update recently that reveals the protagonist’s best friend, as well as the current progress for the game.


(Note: Code: HARDCORE had a Kickstarter update in March 2018, but the developers kindly asked the contents of that update stay secret.)


Edgar Feuerbach


Edgar is the best friend of Tarethur, the protagonist, and works closely with him. He pilots a sniper mech, but geeks out over super robots.


Shepherd Type-FSK


A mecha based on a mass-production model, produced by the MTAF on the moon. The primary weapon it uses is the HSP-01G2 type High precision electromagnetic gun.


Yimeng Huang & Helmes-1-13


A former leader of Hermes Mining Corp., who has joined the terrorists secretly to exploit Martian resources. His original goal of protecting his team members from being killed by the terrorists seems to have been lost in the process.


Helmes-1-13 is a giant mine excavator that is equipped for the Martian environment, but has been retrofitted with armor plates, and waterproof cloths to avoid satellite detection.


Tristan Alexander Cruzan & FTX100 Babylon


Tristan is a former U.N.F. Special Forces officer who decided to join the enemy after being captured. He quickly rose in the ranks with his knowledge of his former organization.


The FTX100 is super heavy and is fitted with a high performance extended skeleton for space. It has a fixed beam gun, and makes up for its blind spots with three SCHAASs (semi-auto control heavy accompany attack systems).


Transport Plane “Lark”


A Landing Strike Aerospace Craft, which is the main vehicle of the U.N.F.’s orbit strategy, and can carry four standard size mecha at the same time.



toys1 toys2

toys3 toys4

The Kickstarter update showed off some in-development SD toys that will be made by Kakuseijin.





The developers also released a new graph showing off how much has been completed since the original intended release date in October 2017. Staff recruiting was fully completed early this year, and will likely head into QA by September 2018.


Finally, the Code: HARDCORE devs teased that a famous person might just be singing the theme song for the game. Who could it be?


Code: HARDCORE will release for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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