For the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel asked developer, Beenox, to create better rewards for racking up collectibles in the game. While concept art will be among the unlockable bonuses, Beenox also went ahead and added entire comics that you can read.


The Amazing Spider-Man will contain 10 unlockable digital comics that the player can find and read. Each comic corresponds the various characters in the game in some way, in most cases covering important events like the origin of a particular villain or the very first appearance of key characters.


You unlock the various comics by collecting pages from them scattered throughout the city. Once you’ve collected all the pages of a comic, you can read it on your TV screen. Beenox have added the ability to zoom in and out of the pages, too.


Some of the comics in the game have already been revealed. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man’s first appearance), The Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Gwen’s first appearance), and The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (Black Cat’s first appearance) are three of the 10. You can figure the others in the screenshot below out using Wikipedia. Some, however, have been blurred out to keep them under wraps.



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