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Competitive Pokémon Play Is Actually Pretty Intense


If you’ve never watched competitive Pokémon before, you might find this interesting. The Pokémon Company recently held the Pokémon U.S. National Championships, and while the entire event was livestreamed, they’ve begun uploading video archives of some of the more prominent matches from the event.


The first video to have been released is the Junior Finals in the videogame section of the tournament (the other section being the Trading Card Game). You can watch it above.


This year’s Pokémon National Championships were actually the largest yet, according to The Pokémon Company. The competitive event, which is still growing, saw 2,166 players between the videogame and card game. The videogame in particular saw a large increase in numbers, with close to 800 players competing.


Not quite EVO numbers, but the interesting thing is that competitive Pokémon attracts both adults and children, and has separate categories for the two.


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