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Consider Ganyu Builds While Analyzing her Elemental Skills Video

ganyu build genshin impact

Dainsleif is here to tell us about yet another Genshin Impact character. It’s time for the latest Collected Miscellany trailer, which is the sort of miHoYo video completely focused on a character’s moveset. This time, we can start thinking about Ganyu builds while learning about how her Elemental Burst and Skill work.

The video begins with Dainsleif explaining that Ganyu is the sort of character who is better at charged shots. This means you will probably want to avoid Rust, the bow that increases normal attack damage and is often recommended for archer characters like Childe, when working on your Ganyu Builds. This is due to the second charge level of her normal attack not only dealing ordinary Cryo damage, but area of effect Cryo Damage. She’s also good at crafting bows, which means you’ll use fewer ores when she makes one. You get 15% back.

After explaining her normal attacks, it goes on to her Elemental abilities. Trail of the Qilin is her Elemental Skill, and it allows her to leave an Ice Lotus behind to attack while she escapes. It deals continual Cryo damage, then more when it “blooms.” Celestial Shower is her Elemental Burst. This causes a Cryo Pearl to cause ice shard rain for a brief time. The video shows it being used during the Oceanid battle to constantly attack and freeze. You might want to head to, say the Peak of Vindagnyr Dragonspine Domain to get Blizzard Strayer Artifact set items for your Ganyu builds, to assist with her Cryo damage.

Genshin Impact is available on the PlayStation 4, PC, and both Android and Apple iOS devices. The Nintendo Switch version is on the way. The Ganyu banner will begin today on January 12, 2021, then last until February 2, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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