The third game in Crytek’s Crysis series is due out next year, Electronic Arts announced this morning. Crysis 3 will take place in the year 2047 and New York will return as the game’s setting.


This version of New York is quite different from the one in Crysis 2. New York is now encased in a Nanodome shell created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. The city itself is a mix of an urban environment and a jungle, parts of it having been turned into a rainforest filled with overgrown trees and swamps. The city will be split up into seven different environments known as the Seven Wonders.


New York’s citizens are under the belief that the Nanodome was constructed to help preserve the human population after the events of Crysis 2, whereas in truth, they’re an attempt on the part of the Cell Corporation to make a grab for land and technology. Prophet, a character familiar to Crysis players, will the game’s protagonist.


Crysis 3 will be released sometime this spring for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Pre-ordering the special Hunter Edition gives early access to the game’s new signature weapon, the bow, as well as an XP boost for multiplayer.



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