Making games is complicated and fine-tuning the pace of a game is more complicated still. During the fine-tuning process, you’re bound to come across content that you feel would ultimately get in the way of the experience.


For instance, here’s two cutscenes that PlatinumGames edited out of Vanquish. Commentary (minor spoilers) from Kunihiko Tsuda, in charge of the game’s cutscenes, follows each clip :



“We were originally going to use this cutscene after you fight the Argus for the first time. Since there were quite a few cutscenes in this part of the game, and this particular scene feels rather subdued, we determined it would slow down the game and did little to make the game feel alive, so we cut it.”



“This scene was originally going to play once you exit the tunnel in Act 1. However, once out of the tunnel, this movie was simply too long and moving it to gameplay was the best way to make the game feel alive… So we cut it.”


It feels terrible flushing someone’s hard work down the drain, but what must be done must be done. A moment of silence for these two brave cutscenes if you will.


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