Satellite Reign, a spiritual successor to the syndicate franchise, has been on Steam Early Access for some time now, and the development team has been monitoring feedback on the Early Access build. This past weekend, they released a version 0.4 update that adds a bunch of features to the game and addresses known issues.


Satellite Reign is a realtime strategy game that takes place in a cyberpunk city, with you fighting to take control of it with a team of customized units. The game is being designed so it facilitates that oft-mentioned “emergent gameplay” you’ve been hearing about these past few hours.


One of the new features is a new city area called the Industrial District, which houses the Uzy Korp, a Russian-based organization that controls the city’s imports and exports. They’re big into armour manufacture. Alongside the Uzy Korp, a second faction is being introduced as well—the Eternals, who are a corporation born from a religious movement.


Developer 5 Lives Studios have also added a new Civilian System to the game, which results in the city being more populated. Additionally, a streaming system now allows for the game’s world to be streamed into memory dynamically, without the need for any loading screens. This feature is still a work-in-progress but 5 Lives have already managed to cut down GPU memory usage while incorporating it.


A full list of the updates in version 0.4 can be found here. Until March 13th, 5 Lives are making Satellite Reign available on Early Access for $23.99 instead of the usual $29.99. You can see different districts from the game’s city in the trailer above.

Ishaan Sahdev
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