D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die PC Version Release Schedule Announced


D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is coming to PC via Steam on June 5th, and prior to its release Playism will release a free demo for users to try out. Additionally, the publisher has also provided a schedule for DLC releases on Steam, which you can find below.


  • Swery’s Special Brew: Variety Pack (Lager, Ale, Stout DLC) DLC – $2.99
  • D4 Digital Art Book DLC – $4.99
  • D4 Voice Over Script DLC – $4.99
  • Mini Soundtrack (four songs) – $3.99
  • D4 DLC Pack (includes the aforementioned DLC) – $15.99
  • D4 Deluxe Pack (includes game + aforementioned DLC) – $29.99
  • SWERY Fan Outfit Pack (Coffee) DLC – $0.99
  • SWERY Fan Outfit Pack (Tequila) DLC – $0.99


D4 will cost $14.99 on PC. A list of changes that have been made to the PC version can be found below.


● Basic controls using Kinect have been entirely removed, and revisions were made so that the game can be played using all controls with just the mouse.
・ Selection with the hand cursor
・ GRAB controls
・ PUSH controls
・ Changing direction
・ Changing stance
・ Confirm/Cancel
・ Interact


● New mouse commands have replaced parts of the game that used Kinect gesture inputs.
・ New commands for common actions like drinking tequila or opening fortune cookies
・ New commands for special actions like beginning a dive or activating visions
・ New commands for gesture input that were used in cutscenes


● New mouse commands have replaced parts that used synchronized Kinect inputs.
・ Sequences such as wiping a window or switchboard puzzles have been customized for mouse inputs.
・ Changing posture etc. has been replaced with mouse controls.


● Commands for Synchro Stunts (QTE) using Kinect have been entirely removed, and all inputs have been re-implemented to function well with mouse inputs.
・ Actions performed by waving both arms widely or making repeated swipes have been replaced with new swipe inputs or commands.
・ New commands for gestures like swinging a bat
・ New commands for voice activated inputs


● All downloadable content for the XboxOne version has been integrated into the game.
・ Revised so that collaboration costumes can now be acquired in game.
・ Revised so that downloadable facial hair can now be acquired in game.
・ Made adjustments to the parameters of each type of costume
・ Added a new “Today’s Free Costume Corner“ feature to Amanda’s shop


● Renewed the user interface that accompanies the revised parts listed above.
・ The revised parts have all been renewed to a format suitable for mouse input.


● Removed the mic input that accompanies the revised parts listed above.
・ Voice activated inputs during Synchro Stunts (QTE)
・ Choice inputs in conversations
・ Choice inputs in demos
・ Short-cut input in shops or closets
・ Short-cut input at the menu screen


● Readjusted Synchro Stunt (QTE) evaluation mechanics.


● Readjusted the parameters and placement of items.


● Added settings for the PC version.
・ Screen resolution settings
・ Windowed / full-screen mode setting
・ V-sync ON / OFF setting
・ Dynamic shadowing ON / OFF setting
・ Subtitle language settings (EFIGSPJ)


● 60fps
*Possible under recommended system specs


● Faster loading times


● Known bug fixes


● Removed content specifically for the Xbox One version
・ Removed MELD compatibility
・ Removed leader board compatibility


● Created contents specifically for the Steam version
・ Steam achievements
・ Trading cards
・ Badges
・ Emoticons
・ Profile backgrounds
・ Cloud saving

Ishaan Sahdev
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