D4DJ Groovy Mix Monster Hunter Collaboration Announced

D4DJ Groovy Mix Monster Hunter

A D4DJ Groovy Mix and Monster Hunter collaboration is on the way. The upcoming crossover event was announced during a D4DJ New Year’s broadcast. In addition, the event disclosed what tracks will make their way into the rhythm game. D4DJ Groovy Mix players can expect to see the Monster Hunter event on January 12, 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The event will be held in the same sort of style as a “raid,” which will require players to collaborate musically to take down monsters. Players will be able to pick from the following songs during the event:

  • “Driven by the Stars – Masayoshi Iimori x DJ GENKI Remix”
  • Monster Hunter: World Medley 1 – K03 Remix”
  • Monster Hunter: World Medley 2 – DJ’TEKINA // SOMETHING Remix”
  • Monster Hunter: World Medley 3 – 4sk Remix”
  • “Murmurs from the Land Forbidden – kors k × sky_delta Remix”
  • “Proof of a Hero Monster Hunter: World Version – TeddyLoid x BUGLOUD Remix”
  • “Succession of Light – Ramsmus Faber × fu_mou Remix”

A short trailer was also released ahead of the upcoming Monster Hunter event in D4DJ Groovy Mix. This features a brief look at the special event user interface, along with some samples of the songs players can select.

D4DJ Groovy Mix is immediately available for Android and iOS for Japanese audiences. An English release is scheduled for 2021.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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