Da Capo 5 Protagonist and Main Heroines Revealed

Da Capo 5 characters - Menoa Kako Yukina Akari Mizuha

Circus has updated the Da Capo 5 website by publishing details about its main characters. The protagonist—who does not have a design because the player will embody him—will be able to interact with five heroines in this visual novel.

The player will assume the role of Souma Kujo, a male high schooler who is studying at the Kagami Academy. He will be already acquainted with four of the heroines at the beginning of the story.

The blonde-haired Menoa Yasaka is Souma’s childhood friend who is also engaged to him, as both families have arranged their marriage. The character next to Menoa is her younger sister Kako. The black-haired Yukina Tokisaka is the current student council president, and redhead Akari Shirakawa is one of Souma’s classmates.

The main story will begin when Souma encounters the key heroine, Mizuha Sakuragi. After descending from a blooming sakura tree, Mizuha will claim that she lost her memories but feel like she has met Souma before. She will eventually join Souma’s class while also interacting with other characters.

Da Capo 5 will also feature branches of magic-using families. The Kujo and Yasaka families are derived from the Tokisaka clan, so most of the main characters are actually distant relatives. As Mizuha also appears to use some magic, she will be placed under the Tokisaka clan’s protection and live in Souma’s house.

The initial reveal in late July 2022 indicated that Da Capo 5 would appear digitally on PCs and internet browsers via the DMM Games platform. Circus has confirmed in the new site update that the visual novel will also be available in a physical DVD format.

Da Capo 5 will be available for Windows 11 and 10 PCs in 2023 in Japan.

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