Capcom recently held a press event in Japan for Darkstalkers Resurrection, at which producer, Tomoaki Ayano, discussed the game with the press. At the same event, Ayano also discussed the possibility of updating more of the Darkstalkers games for new consoles according to a Game Watch report (via: Shoryuken).


With regard to a Darkstalkers compilation featuring all five games in the series, Ayano explained that Capcom decided to go with especially popular games for Darkstalkers Resurrection, with the intent of not fragmenting the active userbase across too many different games and their arcade versions.


Provided that the reaction to Resurrection is encouraging, Capcom will consider a compilation of all five Darkstalkers games to date. Ayano also believes that a positive reaction to Darkstalkers Resurrection will help fuel demand for a new game.


(Note: A year ago, a rumour from VentureBeat claimed that a new Darkstalkers game was in development at Capcom and was being built using the Street Fighter X Tekken engine.)



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