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Date A Live: Ren Dystopia Will Release in Japan on September 24, 2020

Date A Live: Ren Dystopia Release Date in Japan

Compile Heart announced the release date Date A Live: Ren Dystopia will release in Japan on September 24, 2020. We also got a new trailer and details for various purchase bonuses for the game.

First, check out the new Date A Live: Ren Dystopia trailer to go with its release date:

The game was originally slated for release in Japan in Summer 2019 but it was delayed to a general 2020 window last year. A year later, we now know that it will launch in Japan on September 24.

The story starts with protagonist Shido Itsuka seeing a strange dream, in which he hears a voice from the darkness. When he wakes up, he finds a container that he’s never seen before right by his pillow. Believing it to be a prank at first, Shido asks everyone if they know anything about it. That is until he decides to open the container to see for himself…

The standard edition of the game will go for 7,200 yen plus tax for physical and 6,400 yen plus tax for digital. A limited edition version will also be available for 9,200 yen plus tax. It will include a special box with an illustration by Tsunako, a special book, and a drama CD.

Date A Live: Ren Dystopia will release for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 24, 2020. You can read more about the story and characters in our previous report.

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