David Hayter, the voice of Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, and Jennifer Hale, the voice of Naomi Hunter and Mass Effect’s female Commander Shepard, will be lending their voices to stealth-adventure game, Republique. Developer, Camouflaj, made the announcement this afternoon, with a brief mention of the characters the two will be playing.


“David will voice the role of the head revolutionary in the Orwellian world of République who authors much of the anti-Overseer propaganda that players come across in the game,” says Camouflaj’s Ryan Payton. “It’s a character I wrote specifically with David in mind, as he’s not only very politically active but also an accomplished writer.”


Meanwhile, Jennifer Hale will be playing a mysterious villain called The Mentor. “I’m thrilled to work with Jennifer again, this time on a new character who will be a central antagonistic force for players,” says Payton. “The Mentor is incredibly complex.”


Both Hayter and Hale have worked with Payton in the past, who was assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4 while he was employed at Kojima Productions. Payton penned the story for Republique himself, set within a dystopian future.


Republique will be released in 2013 for iOS devices, and PC/MAC shortly after.


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