It has been confirmed that David Hayter, the well-known writer-cum-voice actor who voices the Solid Snake character, will not be returning for Metal Gear Solid V.


On Wednesday, Hayter tweeted: “Well look, At least I had a good run.” The tweet was made on the same day that Konami announced Metal Gear Solid V, causing ardent fans to speculate that Hayter would not be involved in the game. A fan reached out to Hayter over Twitter and asked if Konami had offered him a role in the game, and he replied: “Nope.”


Then, Gametrailers’ Geoff Keighley reported via Twitter: “Fun 1 hour interview with @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN. Will have it online later this week. He confirmed no Hayter for MGS5 and a lot of other things.”


Photograph courtesy David Hayter’s Twitter feed.



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