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Day From Legend of Dark Witch 3 Makes a Return in Legend of Dark Witch DLC Stage


Recently, a DLC stage for The Legend of Dark Witch remake was announced, and it features Day from The Legend of Dark Witch 3 as a boss. [Thanks, Crippeh on Twitter!]

Back in The Legend of Dark Witch 3, Day was one of the playable characters – a young woman who had been betrayed, and had returned to the Old Islands for revenge. This DLC stage seems to take place shortly after the betrayal, as Day is found hurt and lost in a mysterious space. There, she encounters Zizou for the first time.

The Legend of Dark Witch on Switch (Renovation on Steam) is a remake of the first game that adds in new portraits, redrawn sprites, new minigames, and extra content like comic strips and short animations. The Capacity system from The Legend of Dark Witch 2 onwards is used, rather that the first game’s more clunky implementation. Finally, a Boss Arrange mode with new boss patterns is also available.

The DLC stage is currently available for purchase on the Steam version, and is currently set to become available for the Nintendo Switch version in February 2020.

The Legend of Dark Witch is available on Nintendo Switch, and is available under the name The Legend of Dark Witch Renovation on PC via Steam.

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