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Dead or Alive 5 To Use A Four-Point Hold System After All


For a while, Dead or Alive 5 director, Yohei Shimbori, wasn’t sure whether to use a three-point hold system (DOA3) or a four-point hold system (DOA4) for the new game. Going by the little snippets of thoughts he would leave on the Dead or Alive Facebook page, it looked like he was largely in favour of the three-point system.


This week, however, Shimbori announced that, due to fan feedback, Dead or Alive 5 will be using the more advanced four-point hold system after all. “We got a lot of feedback on holds from around the world,” Shimbori writes on Twitter. “The Alpha Demo used 3-point holds: high, mid, low. But the version this time uses 4-point holds: high, mid P, mid K, low.”


“4-point holds work really well for game balance, but I was worried that beginners couldn’t pull off mid kick holds,” he continues. “But all of the feedback we got from players with the Alpha Demo gave me the final nudge to go with 4-point. Of course, we will make it so new players can still have fun with 4-point holds.”


Shimbori says that there are other changes to the game as well, and that he may discuss them after E3.

Ishaan Sahdev
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