Dead Rising coming to Wii


dead-rising-xbox-360-clown.jpg With all the buzz about E3, it's understandable that the weekly Famitsu news would get lost in the shuffle. But here's one big story coming from Famitsu that shouldn't be missed: Dead Rising is coming to Wii. That's right. The (up to now) XBOX360 exclusive "survive a mall filled with zombies" game. Revealed in this week's Famitsu, Dead Rising for Wii isn't a rail shooter or any other kind of spinoff. It's a port of the 360 version. According to an interview with the game's producers (also in this week's Famitsu), the sales of Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition led them to port Dead Rising to the Wii.


Other interesting tidbits from the interview include the addition of motion controlled attacks, new weapons, and a new boss on top of all that. This is definitely exciting news for Wii owners who never got to play Dead Rising. No release date was stated, however, being a Wii owner who has never played Dead Rising but has always wanted to, I'm more than willing to wait as long as I have to for the chance to survive a zombie infested shopping mall on Wii. 


Images courtesy of Capcom.