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Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Details Its New “Deception Studio” Mode



Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess has a new “Deception Studio” that lets you create your own characters for the game’s characters to defeat. Today, Koei Tecmo touched upon this mode, as well as some of the stages you’ll find in the game. Below are the relevant bits from the press release they sent out.


Deception Studio:

There, players can create their own characters for the Deception Princesses to defeat! Options include appearance, weapon and outfit choices, name and background story, as well as immunities, resistances and strengths. Fulfilling specific requirements in Quest Mode will award players with additional edit parts that can be used for creating more unique and distinctive enemies!


Flying toilet plungers, cakes in the face, black holes, acid slime, iron rakes and cursed helmets are only a few of the more than 180 traps that players can choose from to create the funniest, darkest, or most elaborate combos to defeat their adversaries in delightfully imaginative settings that include medieval castles, hospitals, playgrounds, and amusement parks.


New Stages:

While Laegrinna, the dark protagonist ofDeception IV: Blood Ties, lured her victims in Medieval Castles, Amusement Parks, Ancient Ruins, and a molten iron filled Metal Refinery, Velguirie, the wickedly sadistic new character of Deception IV: the Nightmare Princess, is a lot more playful with her prey. She has the ability to face them in the demi-plane between the dreamlands and the waking world, and can be more diverse than her adversary in utilizing the three new stages as her hunting grounds.


In the Gymnasium, she uses spring boards, balance beams, high velocity ball throwers, and basketball hoops. In the Playground, she forces them down slides and on merry-go-rounds, and flings them in the air using a deceivingly innocent-looking Panda. In the Hospital, she ties them down on operating tables, electrocutes them, and plays on their fears with oversized syringes. Velguirie uses these every-day locations in a distorted and sinister manner, making them the settings for her rise to power and the sources of her returning strength. By completing her quests and continuously defeating her enemies, more of her background story will be gradually revealed, leading to a dramatic finale.


Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess will be released in North America on July 14th and in Europe on July 17th.

Ishaan Sahdev
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