Deku Is Wanted in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

My Hero Academia World Heroes' Mission

The third My Hero Academia feature film now has a full title and trailer, thanks to a set of announcements from Toho Animation. That animated movie is called My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission [Thanks, ANN!]

Check out a teaser for the film uploaded to Toho’s YouTube channel:

In dramatic fashion, the trailer lays out the stakes for My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Series protagonist Izuku Midoriya, whose heroic alias is “Deku,” is wanted for mass murder. An unknown character asks whether the series’ “Quirk” superpowers are a “blessing upon humanity” or “the power that brings the world to its end.” In flashes a robed villain is shown standing atop a pile of bodies, including the bloodied forms of characters like Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Eijiro Kirishima. The voice of All Might, Izuku’s mentor, begs “you future heroes,” while onscreen text states that the time limit until “global extinction” is two hours. Then various heroes are shown flying in formation as voice clips play from Shoto Todoriki, Katsuki Bakugo, and Izuku. The three are also dressed in their new “stealth” costumes, which are darkened versions of their regular getups sporting glowing lines and contours. The costumes were previously teased in 2020. Finally, the trailer reveals a premier date: August 6, 2021 in Japan.

The official website for My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission also reveals more details about the backstory. Advocating a fringe theory that the presence of Quirk powers will lead to the end of human history, a mysterious organization called “Humarise” is aiming to annihilate Quirk powers and the people that hold them.

Humarise operatives infiltrated various countries and set up “Ideo Trigger Bombs” activated by the presence of Quirks.  To save people from the bombs, the U.A. Academy mustered a global-scale team of Pro Heroes and Interns, sending them across the world to collect the devices.

Izuku, Bakugo, and Shoto, operating in the faraway country of “Oseon” as part of their internship with the Endeavor agency, are involved in an international incident, and a Japan-wide manhunt is launched to apprehend them. Meanwhile, Humarise sends its ultimatum to the world: “The time limit is two hours from now.”

My Hero Academia is available to watch globally on various streaming services, and the fifth season of the anime series opened on March 27, 2021. The My Hero One’s Justice 2 fighting game just received a new batch of DLC featuring Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.

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