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Demon’s Souls Respec Option Added, Healing Grass Limited in Remake

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All sorts of interviews and new details about the Demon’s Souls remake dropped, going over the things that have changed and remain the same in the game. While the new trailer confirms enemies like the Flamelurker will be back, interviews with SIE Worldwide Studios External Development Creative Director Gavin Moore from GameSpot and Polygon revealed there will be a sort of Demon’s Souls respec system to choose new builds and alterations to the healing grass system.

First, healing grasses will now have weights associated with them. According to Polygon’s talk with Gavin Moore, each sort of grass was assigned a certain amount of weight as a balancing measure. Since players won’t be able to have larger amounts on hand, they’ll have to think more critically when fighting and won’t be able to rely on the healing. Polygon’s piece specifically cited the effect limited healing items would have on PVP.

As for the Demon’s Souls respec system, it won’t work as traditionally as you expect. People will apparently be able to alter character builds in the Nexus in exchange for souls. To be specific, Moore told GameSpot, “…Once you’ve chosen a character, what you can do is after you’ve paid a number of souls for it–in the Nexus–you can actually store your character and then go in and change your character in the Nexus.”

Finally, here’s the new Demon’s Souls remake trailer from Sony and Bluepoint. Quite a few familiar faces appear.

Demon’s Souls will appear on the PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020 in Australia, Japan, North America, and South Korea and worldwide on November 19, 2020.

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