Demon’s Souls Soundtrack Will Have a Physical Release in November for Japan

Demon Soul's Soundtrack

A Demon’s Souls Collector’s Edition Soundtrack will release physically in Japan on November 18, 2020. The soundtrack will have a total of twenty-eight songs and come on two CDs. The Japanese edition of the original soundtrack will be sold as a collector’s edition for ¥3,200 or roughly $30. The digital edition of the Demon’s Souls original soundtrack will be available on November 26, 2020. TEAM Entertainment will be handling Japanese distribution. [Thanks, Game Watch and 4Gamer!]

The tracklist includes:

  • Demon’s Souls
  • The Beginning
  • Maiden Astraea
  • Storm King
  • Tower Knight
  • Old Monk
  • One Who Craves Souls
  • Flamelurker
  • Old King Allant
  • And More!

Sony recently released a teaser of what the Demon’s Souls remake original soundtrack will have in store. This included a video that provided a look at the process behind recreating the music from the original title. Additionally, you can now listen to Flamelurker on Soundcloud. Milan Records will handle North American distribution, and pre-orders will open in “early December.”

If you’ve pre-ordered the Demon’s Souls Digital Deluxe Edition, a digital copy of the soundtrack will come with a plethora of in-game goods. This includes items like the Red-Eye Knight Armor, Boletarian Royalty Armor, and a Hoplite Shield.

Demon’s Souls will come to the PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020, in Australia, Japan, North America, and South Korea, with the worldwide release following November 19, 2020.

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