Destiny Fantasia From Kemco Sounds Like Took Cues From Final Fantasy II


Kecmo have released another RPG for Android devices this week—Destiny Fantasia, which is available at the discounted price of $2.99. Once the launch celebratory period ends, the game will revert to its full price of $7.99. You can watch a trailer below:



Below is a story summary for Destiny Fantasia. Instead of featuring a standard level-up system, the game has your characters gain strength and attributes after every enemy encounter. It  also uses a Final Fantasy II-like system, where you become more adept at physical attacks or magic by using the appropriate skills more.


When militaristic Epsilom Empire starts expanding utilizing a mysterious power of unknown nature, an oracle by the name of Pure immediately realizes what it can mean for the world. She and a young lad named Lidim, who was rescued earlier by Pure from the clutches of the Empire, set out to prevent what can very well be the end of all existence.


You can read more about Destiny Fantasia here.

Ishaan Sahdev
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