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Deus Ex: Human Revolution “Missing Link” DLC Fills In The Gaps In The Game’s Story


Last week, a mysterious message appeared within the main menu for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, containing a string of numbers and alphabets. It soon became obvious that, rather than a server error, this was some kind of tease, and so, the Deus Ex community on Eidos’ forums began attempting to decipher the code.


With more codes revealed by the games developers through Twitter, Facebook and the game’s website over the next week, the community eventually cracked the code and found 13311TOWER.COM, which displays this image:


Clicking the piece of paper with the pyramid-eye on it brought up a login screen, asking for a username and password. The community then set to work wading through the site’s source code and found a .WAV file containing Morse Code. The code led to another site, 11M13CLINIC, with a GPS entry pointing to Uluru, Australia.


In the mean time, the community managed to figure the username and password out to 13311TOWER.COM, which allowed them to log in and began loading the following image:


The discoveries didn’t stop there, even though game director, Jean-Francois Dugas, gave the community a collective pat on the back for finding the final clue. Someone accidentally found the answer to the entire puzzle via the Deus Ex: Human Revolution website’s RSS feed — a new downloadable scenario, as many suspected in the first place.


The RSS feed begins: “The Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy grows deeper in The Missing Link. During lead character Adam Jensen’s quest for the truth in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he mysteriously vanishes for three days. Where was he? What did he find out? The Missing Link reveals it all.”


A quote from producer, David Anfossi, further reveals that the DLC sees Adam stripped of his augmentations and tortured by enemy agents. Adam is on a freighter headed to an unknown location (Australia perhaps?) and has to survive without any of his abilities. The Missing Link DLC will contain new environments and further flesh out the game’s story.

Ishaan Sahdev
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