The Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to Mega Man created by Keiji Inafune, is headed to PC, Mac and Linux, with console versions under consideration as well. However, developer Comcept are also open to a Nintendo 3DS version.


When asked about the possibility of a 3DS version of The Mighty No. 9 on Twitter, a representative of the development team replied, “Are some big ifs — if we get strong enough feedback and, of course, if we can make the money work — but we wld def consider 3DS.”


Then, hours later, in a public tweet Renegade Kid, the studio behind Mutant Mudds and the upcoming Treasurenauts, offered to help Comcept with developing a Nintendo 3DS version of the game.


To this, The Mighty No. 9 Twitter replied, “Wow, thanks very much for reaching out — I will make sure this info gets to the team! :D”


Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that a Nintendo 3DS version of the game is going to be developed for certain, but there does seem to be interest in such a project.



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