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Devil May Cry 3 Writer Bingo Morihashi Worked On Bayonetta 2



    Bayonetta’s story was written by PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya, who also directed the game, but for Bayonetta 2, Kamiya—who is acting as supervisor—enlisted the aid of a friend. Over on the studio’s development blog, Kamiya reveals that he co-wrote Bayonetta 2’s scenario with one Bingo Morihashi, who happened to be a colleague from Kamiya’s Capcom days.


    “I chose Bingo for this job because he has a lot of experience writing for games that have a similar style to Bayonetta,” Kamiya wrote.


    If you’re curious, Morihashi is credited as one two scenario writers on Devil May Cry 3 (the other being Takayasu Yanagihara). He also worked as one of many Planners on Devil May Cry 2, was one of the scenario writers on Dragon’s Dogma, and is also credited as one of several writers for BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.


    Kamiya says that he came up with a rough outline for Bayonetta 2 with director Yusuke Hashimoto. Once the game’s overarching story was in place, he brought Morihashi in to fill in the details and turn the documents into a game scenario, which contained a detailed plan for each stage and how characters and cutscenes would play out.


    “From here, I worked on the flow of the characters’ dialog and added scenes to bring out that unique Bayonetta flavor,” Kamiya says. “At this point it was basically the text equivalent of a storyboard; everything was in place. Since the first draft was well structured, I was able to concentrate on bringing out the personality of the characters and fleshing out the world without having to worry about the story / action balance. At the end of this process, we completed the final draft of the scenario.”


    Bayonetta 2 will be released on October 24th in North America and Europe.

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