Dewy’s Adventure Scans and Images


dewys-adventure-1.jpgJeux-France has received some new scans of Dewy’s Adventure from the latest Famitsu, which has some images of Dewy’s Adventure on their site. For some of you who aren’t aware, Dewy’s Adventure is a Wii title being developed by the same minds behind Elebits where a young dew drop named Dewy must go on an adventure to save his forest from its impending danger! The game, as Elebits, will make heavy use of the Wiimote to hurdle Dewy through various obstacles that stand in his way which I’m sure will be interesting. If you’ve played Super Monkey Ball on the Wii, then you sort of have an idea of what to expect in terms of gameplay from Dewy’s Adventure.


Scans and images can be found past the break.




dewys-adventure.jpg dewys-adventure-2.jpg









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