Diablos Is Another One Of Final Fantasy Type-0’s Summons

We already know Shiva and Ifrit are in Final Fantasy Type-0. Today, Square Enix revealed that you’ll be able to summon Diablos as well. He can use a Gravity Ball move.



On the subject of characters, Square also revealed some of the game’s supporting cast. Let’s start with some of the other characters at Suzaku:



A self proclaimed “everyone’s idol,” Naghi works in Suzaku’s intelligence division.





Self-proclaimed “merchant of flame,” Carla is an honours student who sells information.




Class 0’s orderly.




Onto non-class 0 characters. A L’cie from Suzaku, and an expert in summoning magic, Caetuna is the oldest L’cie in the world of Orience.



Nimbus is also a L’cie, nearly 100-years-old, and carries out the will of the Byakko crystal. All other thoughts have been wiped from his mind.




Has served as a mentor of sorts to Gilgamesh since childhood. Enkidu is sometimes strict, sometimes kind.




Diva is one of two beings who watch over the cogs of time. Either that, or she’s both of them. We aren’t sure. What we do know is that she’s the lady (both?) in the Final Fantasy Type-0 logo, and sounds a little like the Watcher.




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