Arc System Works don’t just make BlazBlue—they’re also a heavy supporter of the Nintendo eShop, and often use it to dabble in other genres such as puzzle games, sports games, visual novels and… kart racers.


Family Kart 3D is actually Arc System Works’ second kart racing game. The first was Family Go-Kart Racing, which they release for WiiWare back in 2010. The new game, however, is for the Nintendo eShop for 3DS, and has three modes—Grand Prix, Free Play and Time Mode. Spread across three difficulties are eight playable karts and 12 courses.


Arc System Works also took a cue from Mario Kart 7 and tossed a first-person mode into the game, which you can switch to during a race. Unlike Mario Kart 7, however, Family Kart 3D has no online multiplayer. On the up-side, the game costs $4.99.


Family Kart 3D will be released on August 1st in North America, with other territories to follow.



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