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As You Die In Valley, The World Dies Around You



Players who do not do well at Valley’s first-person platforming will soon find the game world dying along with them, as with each player death, the place they’re in will further decay.


Lev2_RunJump_001 Lev7_SomaSwarmCombat


Players are given an advantage with the L.E.A.F. suit, which gives them the ability to jump high and run quickly. Not only that, but this suit lets players control life itself, killing or raising any living being in the game at will. These powers will allow players to explore the valley, finding its ruins and secrets.


AncientRuinsSS2_001 Lev1_RunJump_001

Lev7_Temple_BiggerSun_002 ValleyScreenShotDeer_GiveLife1920x1080_02


Valley is set to release this Summer.

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