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Disorder 6 Features An Amnesiac Couple And A Pair Of Persistent Detectives



After waking up in the middle of some warehouse, Joe and Shiina come across a corpse of a woman in white. After being spotted by a detective, the two make a run for it and mark the start of an unexpected adventure. 5pb introduces Disorder 6’s two protagonists and their friends, along with a pair of detectives who relentlessly chase them down.



Joe is a young man who is bound by cuffs to Shiina. He has no recollection of anything that has happened prior to his awakening at the warehouse. He lacks will power and is always being pulled around by a much more strong-minded Shiina.




Shiina is the mysterious girl who is cuffed to Joe. Apart from some fragmented memories, she has no recollection, similar to Joe, and doesn’t exactly know who he is, aside from his name. However, her feelings of love for him are still present. She has a mature personality, but she occasionally confuses Joe by doing and saying things that are completely out of character.




Hinako is the former leader of the “team”. Due to circumstances surrounding a certain incident, she has joined forces with Joe and Shiina. She has close friends by the name of Tatsu, Yasu and Rumi. Hinako is somewhat regarded as a boss figure in the local area.




One of Hinako’s close friends. He quit the team but still acts as an underling to Hinako and follows her around. Tatsu is a simple and frivolous character, but whenever Hinako isn’t around, he shows a more timid and weaker side.




Similar to Tatsu, he quit the team but remains close to Hinako. He’s a cool, calm and collected character who is often unfazed by anything. He’s very intelligent and wouldn’t hesitate to run his mouth against Tatsu or Hinako when he feels the need.




Rumi is one of Hinako’s three closest friends. She’s a bizarre delinquent who is considered a bit foolish, fickle, lonely and indecisive. Rumi is full of emotions and is never shy around others.




Kobayakawa is a female detective who is affiliated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. She has a strong sense of justice, and would do anything to get her job done. Due to her personality, she stands out among the other detectives at the police station. After discovering a dead body at the factory warehouse, she’s been persistently tracking down Joe and Shiina as potential witnesses to the crime.





Date is a young detective who is currently majoring in criminal psychology. He has joined forces with Kobayakawa in tracking down Joe and Shiina as potential witnesses. He is there to keep an eye on Kobayakawa, who can sometimes let her passionate sense of justice get the best of her.


Disorder 6, will be coming out on August 22nd for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The standard version of the game will cost 7,140 yen while a limited edition has also been announced for 9,240 yen. Details of the limited edition have not been shared yet.

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