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Disorder 6’s Chain Of Events Begins With You Handcuffed To A Mysterious Girl



Mages/5pb have been working on plenty of visual novel games lately, including a recent surprise of a 3DS shooter gone virtual novel for PlayStation 3, Liberation Maiden Sin. Another one that has entered the mix is the upcoming mystery game called Disorder 6.

In our earlier report, we briefly introduced Disorder 6 and also revealed that the artwork will be done by Megumi Nagahama, known for her work on a previous 5pb title, Dunamis 15. Here’s an introduction to the story that recently appeared on the game’s new homepage.



One rainy night, a young man wakes up in what appears to be a warehouse. On his right arm is an attached handcuff.  The chain is connected to the left hand of a mysterious girl named Shiina. She seems to call him by the name Joe, but she has doesn’t remember anything. In fact, neither of them have any recollections of anything prior to their awakening.


“What exactly am I?”


Without a single idea of what’s going on, the two of them search for an exit. Before long, they come across the corpse of a woman wearing a white robe.


“… Who killed her?”



Appalled by the situation, the fire they were using as light began to engulf their surroundings in flames, as the mysterious characters make a run for their lives. Once they make it outdoors they begin to wander around, until they encounter a female detective by the name of Kobayakawa…


As any good detective would, she tries to apprehend the potential witness of the crime. However, without any  memories or clue of what’s going on, the two panic and escape from her. The handcuffed pair are now suspects to a crime and are on the run.


A boy and girl who are bound by cuffs. Memory loss. Escape. What truth lies behind their lost memories?


5pb’s Disorder 6 is slated to be released this Summer on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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