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DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Gameplay Shows Off Some The Changes


    Watch live video from CapcomUnity on Twitch


    Capcom recently streamed an hour of gameplay footage from DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition. You can watch the footage from the stream above, and below are some notes we’ve compiled based on information that was shared during the stream. Some of it is well known by now, and some of it you may not have seen before.


    General stuff:

    • No new story content, but there is one minor additional cutscene in the game.
    • 60fps at 1080 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
    • Vergil’s Downfall DLC and pre-order items from the original game included.
    • All costumes unlocked from the start.


    Bloody Palace Mode:

    • Enabling Turbo Mode increases game speed by 20%.
    • Enabling Must Style makes it so enemies only take damage once you have an S-Rank style ranking. You can stack Must Style on top of other difficulty modes.
    • Enabling Super Dante makes it so you have infinite Devil Trigger.
    • You can now disable the timer in Bloody Palace mode.


    Hardcore Mode:

    • Hardcore Mode changes the style system. The ranking of your style becomes more stringent and makes it harder to get S or SSS. It’s available in both story mode and Bloody Palace mode.
    • In Hardcore Mode, Devil Trigger no longer launches enemies.
    • Hardcore Mode can be toggled on/off and stacked on top of other difficulty options.


    Control/Combat stuff:

    • Lots of control customization; you can use custom layouts.
    • Manual lock-on feature is completely optional. You can turn it on/off in the controls menu. You can also switch it between holding and tapping the button.
    • Lock-on shows you an enemy’s life bar.
    • Angel Evade can now be done thrice in succession so it resembles Nero’s Table Hopper from DMC4. The timing isn’t as tight as the Table Hopper.
    • Colour-coded enemies have been tweaked. You don’t have to use a weapon of the appropriate colour any more in order to do damage, but at the same time you won’t do as much damage as with the appropriate weapon.
    • Stinger has its own input options. You can either have it be Forward, Forward, Attack or Lock On, Forward, Attack. Or you can have it be both.


    DmC Devil May Cry will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 10th.

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