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DmC Devil May Cry Director Promises Familiar Features For Hardcore Players


In an interview with Gametrailers, DmC Devil May Cry director, Tameem Antoniades, is keen to assure Devil May Cry fans that the staples they look for in a DMC game will be present and accounted for.


“Often, when people talk about accessible, the sub-text is ‘they mean dumb it down’,” Antoniades says. “We wanted to make sure that’s absolutely not the case, so hence we’ve been collaborating quite deeply with Capcom Japan on the combat system, introducing all the elements that make DMC what it is.”


“Right up to familiar features for hardcore players like jump-cancelling, enemy step, parrying. They’re all in there. And the idea is that, even if you complete the game, even on the second playthrough, you’ll still be discovering more moves, more abilities, more ways to play.”


Gametrailers also posted two videos of play footage, which I’d recommend checking out below:



Ishaan Sahdev
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