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Dokapon UP! Opening Movie Shows Features Chibi Utawarerumono Characters

Dokapon UP! Opening Movie with Utawarerumono characters

Aquaplus and Sting shared the opening movie for Dokapon UP! Roullete of Dreams (Mugen no Roulette) for the PS4 and Switch. The opening features the Utawarerumono characters in chibi style for the Dokapon collaboration title.

Check out the Dokapon UP! Roulette of Dreams opening movie below:

If you’re not familiar with the Dokapon series, it is known for its boardgame and RPG hybrid gameplay. In addition to plenty of playable Utawarerumono characters like Haku, Kuon, Nekone, Urutori, and Aruru, the game will feature several other characters from the series for its story.

Story Mode offers a single-player experience of an original story. The gameplay involves clearing stages and objectives to advance in the story. As for multiplayer, you can play with up to four players in online and offline modes. While it mostly plays like a boardgame, it has RPG elements from Utawarerumono, including leveling up, stats, and abilities to use in battle.

Dokapon UP! Roulette of Dreams will release in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 10, 2020. Additionally, a Premium Edition version will be available in Japan for 8,300 yen. It includes an art book, acrylic keychains, an original soundtrack, and an additional DLC character (Anju Battle Ver), all in a special limited edition package. Check out the game’s first trailer here.

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