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Double Jump? Air Dash? Azure Striker Gunvolt Lets You Customize Your Moveset


    Azure Striker Gunvolt will let you develop new equipment with the use of materials that you collect throughout the course of the game. At the Results Screen after every mission, you’ll be rewarded with materials based on your score and rank, and you can use these at the Store Screen to create over 70 equippable items in the game.


    There are five ranks you can earn at the end of each mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt—C, B, A, S and SS, each one dependent on your score. Each rank comes with a certain amount of materials and credits. In order to get a higher score, you’ll need to keep an eye on your Kudos and your completion time. Setting a new completion time record for a mission will award you with a 50% score bonus.


    Here’s a few examples of the equipment you can develop using materials:


    Ring of Flight: Allows GV to jump once in mid-air at the cost of 150 EP

    Ring of Double Flight: Allow GV to jump twice in mid-air using 100 EP

    Ring of Airwalking: Allows GV to dash in mid-air for 150 EP


    Feather Pendant: You start with this item. It allows the use of Afterimage

    Pendant of Stoicism: Prevents stun when hit

    Pendant of Wrath: Increases Lightning Ring damage, but raises EP cost


    Vitality Lenses: Healing and recovery items restore more than usual

    Control Lenses: Lightning Ring costs less EP

    Prodigy Lenses: Recover SP (Skill Points) faster

    Cobra Lenses: Reduces time needed to charge “King Cobra” attacks


    Equipment that you create can be equipped or removed at any time from the Pause Menu during a mission.


    Two more things to note with regard to materials: First, Azure Striker Gunvolt has optional quests that you can complete in each mission, and doing these will reward you with additional materials and credits. Up to three quests can be accepted at a time, and these are entirely optional. Failing them doesn’t penalize you.


    The second is that each mission in the game Medals hidden throughout. Each Medal you find will give you more materials and credits at the end of the mission.

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