If you've shown some interest in Bladestorm: The Hundred Year's War and have been wanting to experience it for yourself, since its a bit of a deviation from Koei's/Omega Force's Musou series, today would be a good day to see for yourself whether or not Musou is the only thing Koei knows. You may actually end up being surprised.


The Bladestorm: The Hundred Year's War demo is now available for download off the Japanese Playstation Store; so if you've had enough time frolicking with the Heavenly Sword and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam demos, you may want to put that Japanese account of yours to some use and give this demo a whirl. The demo is a whopping 1014MB (not too different from the FolksSoul demo); and considering how downloads from the Playstation Store have been pretty fast, you should be able to download this demo with ease. 


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