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Dr. Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Has An Appointment In September



Dr. Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is still on track for release sometime this summer in the U.S. and Europe. The Japanese version of the game will release this week on the 7th, and the U.S. version will follow in September.


Forgotten Knights’ story starts with a woman named Marie visiting Dr. Lautrec on day, bearing some sort of curious gadget. The gadget contains a map pointing the way to a treasure that belonged to Louis XIV of the House of Bourbon, a dynasty that had collapsed a century prior. Having something of an obsession with mysteries, Lautrec and his assistant, Sophie, set out to search for the treasure, but are targeted by a man named Vidocq, and a group called the Knights of the Iron Mask.


Konami say Forgotten Knights will have over 250 types of puzzles and quizzes. This will include difference puzzles, matching puzzles, drawing puzzles, hiding from guards, moving obstacles, and searching dungeons for clues. The game is apparently over 20 hours in length, taking all of these puzzles into account.


The Japanese version of Forgotten Knights is, as you would expect, voiced by a bunch of famous celebrities to help draw attention to it in its home market. Amongst the cast are actor Goro Kishitani, actress Emi Takei, and Osamu Shitara and Yuki Himura of the comedy duo "Bananaman".


You can watch the latest English trailer for the game above. Oddly, while Forgotten Knights takes place in Paris, the character voices all sound British.

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