Dragalia Lost Gala Event Adds Notte to the Playable Cast

Dragalia Lost Gala

Prepare for fairy friends to become fighting friends, as Dragalia Lost celebrates its 2.5 year anniversary. In a slew of announcements commemorating the occasion, Nintendo and Cygames are opening another Gala Dragalia event, with new limited adventurers to roll for. Chief among them is none other than a combat-ready incarnation of Notte, the game’s tiny fairy mascot. The event begins on March 27, 2021.

Check out a trailer for Gala Notte:

Gala Notte joins the Dragalia Lost‘s playable roster as a 5-Star rarity. She’s a dagger-wielding, wind-element attack unit who now has the power to change her size at will, from teensy non-combat fairy to not-so-teensy warrior. With that power comes a unique mechanic, Metamorphose. Metamorphose replaces the traditional Dragon shapeshift ability and charges through Notte’s other powers. Those powers, Faerie Punishment and Faerie Illusion, have the ability to dispel buff effects when hitting enemies. She’s also fully immune to the Bog and Freeze status effects.

Dragalia Lost Myriam

The Dragalia Lost Gala event also adds another 5-Star wind character, Myriam. Myriam was a companion to Alberius from centuries before the game’s time. The Dragon character Brunhilda patterned her human form and nickname, Mym, after Myriam. Myriam specializes in team support and crowd control. She grants the team a Strength amp with one skill, while gaining additional power from her second skill if the amp is active when used.

Dragalia Lost players will have increased chances to acquire Myriam or Gala Notte, as the Gala Dragalia event increases the drop rate for 5-star adventurers from 4% to 6%. Fans with some cash to burn on Diamantium premium currency can also take advantage of Platinum Showcase summons, a paid-only gacha roll that guarantees a 5-star Adventurer. The lineup includes Gala versions of Zena, Leonidas, and Chelle.

Dragalia Lost is available on iOS and Android. The Gala Dragalia event kicks off on March 27, 2021, and lasts until April 2, 2021. The game recently featured a crossover event with Persona 5 Strikers.

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